Pilsley Primary School

Year 3/4     Mrs Gooding

Welcome to our class page!

Our aim in year 3/4 is to ensure that children continue to make good progress in their learning as well as have lots of fun! We encourage children to become independent learners and set personal targets for which they aim to achieve. We also encourage children to be positive learners through a ‘can do’ approach! 


As you are aware reading is extremely important in helping children make good progress in all areas of the curriculum, therefore it is an expectation that the children take their reading book home and read either alone or to an adult every day.  It is highly appreciated if you could continue to support your child with regular reading and record this in their reading record.  Children are rewarded for their efforts. All children will continue to be heard at least once a week on a one to one basis at school until they reach the free readers. Children also take part in weekly guided reading sessions. This year we will be working on improving the children's inference skills. Each child has an individual reading target in their reading record.


We have daily maths lessons, based on the 'mastery' approach to teaching in this subject. Children are engaged in activities which build their fluency in a particular area before moving on to reasoning and problem solving activities. We feel it is important for children to understand what, why and how they are using their mathematical skills as well as being able to do it. They may well ask you to, 'explain your reasoning' at home!

Homework and how you can help!   

The ability to recall number facts rapidly, either times table facts or general number questions, is a skill that needs a lot of practise! Asking your child quick fire maths questions, whether it is whilst cooking dinner or even doing the washing up, helps greatly not only in class, but also in everyday life!

Spellings and number work are given out on a Monday and children are expected to learn these at home. The purpose of these is to give the children a wider vocabulary range which improves their knowledge of the English language as well as their writing.

Homework is given out every Friday.  Children are expected to complete their homework and return it the following Monday.

Finally……If any parents have any questions then please do not hesitate to come in and see me.

Mrs Gooding

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