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Resilience can be seen as the ability to achieve despite adversity.  For many children having the resilience to overcome mistakes and see them as learning opportunities is a huge factor in their ability to learn. 

However, there are other factors than can affect a child's academic resilience often related to their social and emotional needs.  A child who is unhappy, struggling with friendship or worrying about other things will not learn to their best ability.

Our staff have been trained to build pupil resilience academically, for instance through a Growth Mindset and Metacognitive (thinking) Approach to help them structure their learning.  However, they have also been trained to recognise possible outside factors and how they influence a child's learning. 

Knowing what might benefit them enables us to tailor support as best we can to meet all their needs.

The Resilience Framework below is what we use to discuss what may help a child become more resilient.

Resilience Framework