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SEN Information

SEN Information


Pilsley Primary School has a similar approach to meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs as other  maintained schools in Derbyshire and we are supported by the LA to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school.

We are as inclusive as possible, with the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities being met in a mainstream setting wherever possible.

At Pilsley Primary School we also have extra funding, staffing and a support room to meet the needs of a very small group of children who have additional needs associated with autism.

The four broad ‘areas of additional need’ experienced by children in school are

Communication and Interaction,
Cognition (Understanding, Thinking and Reasoning) and Learning,
Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties,
Sensory and Physical Needs.
Children may experience additional need in one or more of these areas to a varying degree and their needs may change over time.


What is the Local Offer?

The Children and Families Bill was enacted in 2014. From this date, Local Authorities and schools are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for the children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) aged 0-25. This is the ‘Local Offer’.
The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. It will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.

Derbyshire Local Offer: Please see https://localoffer.derbyshire.gov.uk/#!/model/page/provider/2743

The School SEN Information Report

This explains how, under the LA Local Offer, we intend to meet the needs of SEN pupils as determined by school policy, and the provision that the school is able to meet. If your child has Special Educational Needs this is what we at Pilsley Primary School can offer you.

At Pilsley Primary School, we value the fact that every child is different, and, therefore, we respect the educational needs of every child and celebrate diversity.


Please click on the questions below for more information about the Local Offer from Pilsley Primary School and how we can support your child.

1. What are special educational needs and disabilities?

2. Who do I contact to find out about special educational needs and disabilities?

3. What are the different types of support available for children at Pilsley Primary School ?

4. What happens when children are not making progress?

5. How is extra support allocated to children ?

6. How are teachers in school helped to work with children with SEND?

7. How is the teaching adapted for children with SEND?

8. How does the school measure the progress of children in school?

9. What support is available for parents?

10. Is the school accessible?

11. How are children supported when they join the school, leave the school or move classes? 

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